Jewel and Willow Video Collection

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tiny Teeth

I may be imagining it, but I think the girls are teething.
Willow's got a broken canine tooth 8(

That is to say, one of her little fang teeth, since they're all canine teeth!!

They've both have had some uninterrupted gumline the last 2 weeks, but there's some pearly white poking through now.

While we've made lots a lots of progress, they're still not fully potty trained, and still eating poop. Willow's making all the noise the last few mornings to wake us up.

Yesterday, Ian got home before I did and apparently Willow got bit by some crazy bug and was tearing around, panting and "looked like a little demon."

What??? Our cute bunny baby?

I'll tell you who's the little demon: it's whoever peed on my couch yesterday and tore up one of my plants. The seat cover zips off, and thankfully, didn't shrink going through the washer & dryer, and the plant sprouts roots from cuttings after sitting in water for a month or two.

Anyway, Ian took them for a walk yesterday evening, and brought them home SOAKING wet from the rain. Into the tub they went and 15 minutes later Daddy was gushing about how pretty his fluffy girls were. Then he took Mommy out to dinner :) :) :)

I was really thrilled because I didn't have any food reactions, which I usually do at nice restaraunts. I love El Gaucho, Daniel's, Waterfront Grill, Met Grill, Ruth's Chris, but I always know I'm in for it.

Today is our 10-month-i-versary since our wedding.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Puppy Lattes

We went to the puppy health food store and got them more Innova Evo. The girl gave them a snack that Jewel TOTALLY went for (ok, so we're getting some of that).
Of course, it was VENISON JERKY.

Then we went to visit Daddy at work. Daddy's work is growing growing growing, so they're adding more desks for the new people coming in. Jewel sees it only as a shrinkage of her favorite playground, but there IS the trade-off of MORE PEOPLE, so she didn't complain much. As soon as we got out of the office, Jewel pooped on the sidewalk (good thing mom had a plastic bag on her).

I found a place to take the girls off-leash where I don't have to be looking over my shoulder for animal control, since we don't have an off-leash park nearby.
I run into dog owners more and more often who've gotten ticketed for being unleashed. Though today, we went to a local park and I asked where "the safe spot" was, so we went there and wore ourselves out.

So what's the 'puppy latte' about? They've started scratching at their ears and I can't figure out why. Their ears are totally clean.
I got some ear cleaning solution anyway with aloe, calendula, rosemary, myrrh and cinnamon oil. So the pups smell like my chai lattes now! I love it! Jewel doesn't like the cold drops, but it's seems to be helping somewhat. I figured I'd give it a week.

Of course, anything this cute gets a sporting chance...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wet Dogs

Today has mostly been a chore day. But we did manage to take the girls for a walk along the water. Being a rainy day, the grass was wet so the girls needed a bath afterwards. Unfortuntately, their post-bath fluffiness doesn't come through on film. But seeing them wet gives a rare opportunity to see how small the pup-squeaks really are....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Terrible Toe Trouble

I know, I know... I'm horrid about getting new photos up everytime I post, but if either the camera or cord to the computer aren't within reach, I just can't be bothered.

Unless it's a really priceless one.

Today, I am pleased to announce, I took Jewel to the groomer who trimmed all her toenails inside of 5 minutes.
Of course, I had a death grip on her while the woman clipped her nails and she just SCREEEEEEAMED and hollered. She was panting and wiggling and throwing a fit...

And the Golden Globe for Best Female Dramatic Performance goes to....

"...Oh, I was just so in the moment, really feeling my character. I'd like to thank my agent, my little sister and the designer of that tennis ball chucker thing for helping me stay fit, my mommy for allowing my natural beauty to radiate and keeping me in functional hairdo's, and Innova Evo and the produce manager...."

You get the idea.

Last week for the last of Willow's distemper series, Jewel weighed 8.2 and Willow was 6.1 or so. Jewel's got another pound and half to go. I really have to rub my eyes when I look back at her younger pictures.

I guess that early adorable puppy-faceness is what keeps us from sending them back where they came for all the puddles and poop-eating....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cookie Monster

Auntie Kaya got the girls a tin of puppy cookies for Christmas which Willow LOVES and Jewel doesn't really care for, but Cricket (Jewel's mom) came out in Jewel today.

I gave Willow a cookie because she was looking cute trying to get into the tin. A few minutes later they were SCREAMING at each other. Very serious this time.
It turns out Jewel. Wanted. That. Cookie.

So I gave Jewel her own, which she paraded in front of Willow for 30 minutes. Up on the couch, she stared at it, and Willow gave it her AAAALLLLLLLLL to try and jump onto the couch, which she almost accomplished. Jewel gave her a Cricket tongue-lashing.


Monday, January 16, 2006

Top Knots and Fed Ex

Lookee What Gramma got us!!!!!

Thanks Gramma!!!
You can see Jewel's lower teeth in this photo. She's developing a spectacular underbite. I panicked for half a second when I noticed it the other day, thinking she had dislocated her jaw. I'm crossing my fingers that her upper jaw will catch up, though I doubt it will.
Willow has just enough underbite that her top teeth don't touch her lower teeth.

Today we discovered that the Wee Wee pads we had ordered from an partner site was taking an interesting route to Seattle. The pads left the Nebraska Fed Ex office on January 9th or 10th. By the 12th they were in Portland, OR. Today, they arrived in Houston, TX. I didn't realize we had paid to send the pads the scenic route.

The girls gleefully run through the living room with the newspaper that now serves as their potty pads. Not a problem unless there's a fresh pee on it which, of course, runs RIGHT OFF the paper when moved.

For some strange reason, Ian couldn't sleep last night, so I missed out on a couple hours too and am staying home today.

Today I tried to clip Jewel's toenails because she cries everytime she scratches her ears with her hind feet (I'm tweezing the hair out of her ears to get a better look, now). She SCREAMS and flips and throws a fit as soon as I touch her toenails.

Willow's nails, of course, take me 3 minutes: "What, lay on my back, get my tummy rubbed in between feet and a treat at the end? What's not to love about this?"

At Petco down the street, without an appointment, they will clip the doggy nails for $8.00 a dog. Ian is indignant. "I'm not paying $8 to have their nails clipped."

Fine, YOU do it. And don't make her bleed.

Forget that I wash them when they're dirty or smelly, train them, clip their hair when needed, and brush them everyday. Jewel will let me do anything to her, anything but clip her nails. For Heaven's sake, $8 every 5 weeks isn't going to kill us!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dr Jeckyll and Mrs Hyde

This morning when I(Ian) got up and let the girls out of their Condo Crate, Willow immediately went out and use the box...all on her own. She has been doing this a lot lately. Jewel decided she didn't need to go and followed me off to the bedroom to get dressed. Ever since their warm bath last week, the pups have loved the bath tub, and prop themselves up trying to get in. I decided to put Jewel in the tub. First thing she did was squat and pee. Given a choice between a pad in the living room, a potty box with doggie door, and just the plain floor, she usually chooses the floor. This time the bathtub seemed perfect.

Willow is not a morning puppy.

For the last week or so, We have noticed that while Jewel cries to be let out of the Condo in the morning, ready to play, Willow says good morning, then heads back in. As a matter of fact, as I write this now, Jewel is awak chewing on her rawhide and Willow is asleep, right next to her.

Mommy accidently overcut Willow's beard this week. Still cute but very different looking.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Picture Update

Becky continues to busily set up her office, so not a lot of Puppy reporting. Here are some pics from the weak...

And an attempt at next years Christmas card...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Freaky Friday

Geez guys, let me get some work done... I live for things other than my dog blog, as opposed to some of my faithful, yet impatient, readers.

The girls had a FAAAAAAAAABulous time at Momma Shawna's. We are convinced Something Happened while they were there because we got home and Willow, believe it! is practically housetrained. YAY!! On the other hand, we are following Jewel around with a mop, now. Grrrrrr.....
Also, Jewel has mellowed out a bit and Willow is more spunky.
I told Shawna she sent me back Frankendogs...

Other cool stuff: As a quick reminder for those who don't know, Shawna is the breeder who has both Jewel's and Willow's Moms, Cricket and Jasmine, and their dad Mushu.

Jewel often comes running up to me with a toy "Play fetch with me, Mom!!" She doesn't try to play tug o'war anymore, she either lets go of it easily or drops it. It's GREAT!!! It's so COOL to see these puppies coming along.

They stayed there for 10 days while mom and dad were in California over the holiday. I missed them so much!!! Auntie Kaya, Ian's bigger younger brother's wolf/samoyed, gave them each a "chew-gar" for Christmas. WHICH THEY LOVE! Flavored rawhide, yummmm...... They've gotten a ton of miles on those things. I've got a couple of tiny Winston Churchill's running around the house....

So these parent dogs showed the girls what furniture is for: when we got home, one of the first things Jewel did was jump into a chair. We about fell out of ours! We knew they'd do it eventually, but this is a milestone. She can make it on the couch too, but with a little more effort. Willow doesn't quiiiiite have enough bounce in her bungee to make it, so I put their stool near the chair so she can jump up.

Can't seem to locate the new pictures on the computer, so we'll post them tonight or tomorrow.