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Monday, January 16, 2006

Top Knots and Fed Ex

Lookee What Gramma got us!!!!!

Thanks Gramma!!!
You can see Jewel's lower teeth in this photo. She's developing a spectacular underbite. I panicked for half a second when I noticed it the other day, thinking she had dislocated her jaw. I'm crossing my fingers that her upper jaw will catch up, though I doubt it will.
Willow has just enough underbite that her top teeth don't touch her lower teeth.

Today we discovered that the Wee Wee pads we had ordered from an partner site was taking an interesting route to Seattle. The pads left the Nebraska Fed Ex office on January 9th or 10th. By the 12th they were in Portland, OR. Today, they arrived in Houston, TX. I didn't realize we had paid to send the pads the scenic route.

The girls gleefully run through the living room with the newspaper that now serves as their potty pads. Not a problem unless there's a fresh pee on it which, of course, runs RIGHT OFF the paper when moved.

For some strange reason, Ian couldn't sleep last night, so I missed out on a couple hours too and am staying home today.

Today I tried to clip Jewel's toenails because she cries everytime she scratches her ears with her hind feet (I'm tweezing the hair out of her ears to get a better look, now). She SCREAMS and flips and throws a fit as soon as I touch her toenails.

Willow's nails, of course, take me 3 minutes: "What, lay on my back, get my tummy rubbed in between feet and a treat at the end? What's not to love about this?"

At Petco down the street, without an appointment, they will clip the doggy nails for $8.00 a dog. Ian is indignant. "I'm not paying $8 to have their nails clipped."

Fine, YOU do it. And don't make her bleed.

Forget that I wash them when they're dirty or smelly, train them, clip their hair when needed, and brush them everyday. Jewel will let me do anything to her, anything but clip her nails. For Heaven's sake, $8 every 5 weeks isn't going to kill us!


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