Jewel and Willow Video Collection

Friday, October 26, 2007

Aint No Misbehaving

Jewel has been a very bad girl this week. On Monday she peed on the bath mat as well as our new couch. Yesterday, in the 10 minutes between Becky leaving for work and a real estate agent showing up to preview the condo. she deposited a poopie present on our bed. The agent called to tell me that. She never does this. All we can think is that she is pissed that we left them in the car while we were at the lunch and shopping.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jewel Gains Weight

Jewel has always been super skinny - probably a function of the fact that she runs and fetches constantly. To be honest, we have been jealous of all the meaty Shih tzus we see running around. To combat this, we started feeding the dogs raw meet.

The mix consisted of buffalo meet, vegetables, and pepporoni flavoring of some sort. Jewel likes the stuff, but Willow loves it. Jewel isn't that into food. I think because she doesn't want to be forced to do tricks. Willow knows that Jewel moves slow towards it, and wont defend it, so the trick is to keep Willow from inhaling her portion then Jewel's. I learned this because I feed Jewel a larger portion and Willow got in, sucked it down, and got out before I could react.

Having learned to give Willow her portion first, Jewel is able to enjoy hers. As a result, Jewel has gained weight. You can feel it when you pick her up. Mommy thinks she looks more beautiful as well.