Jewel and Willow Video Collection

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Welcome Visitors!

Welcome visitors! This blog is over a year old, so feel free to explore around. We have videos hosted by Google, as well as a year worth of pictures embedded in the posts, which are linked to on the lower right.

Thanksgiving is now behind us. As usual the girls were troopers sitting in their car crate for 8-10 hours for 2 out of 4 days.

This year at Grandma's there were two additional dogs. Chai, the black Lab, who the girls adore, and Belle. Belle is a 4 month Golden Retriever. Willow wanted nothing to do with her, as is the case with most young hyper pups. She kept to the high ground as much as possible. Jewel was not afraid of her. As usual Jewel would tolerate only so much before putting her into her place. It's quite entertaining watching Jewel chase down a dog 4 times her size while barking in her shrill "back off" voice.

Also attending Thanksgiving were Becky' two sisters, one brother in law, 3 nephews, a neice, as well as honorary aunt and uncle.

The day after Thanksgiving was the really fun day for the dogs. We took them to the beach. The dogs tore it up in the sand, playing fetch and chicken with the water.

I think the girls are glad to be back home now. They love Grandmas, but all the extra dogs and long hours in the car is just not for them.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not Little Adorable Me

Jewel has been nearly perfectly potty trained since January. Her only accident was back in June, the first hot day of the year. She peed on our bed, as you may recall. This is unusual in that she isn't allowed on the bed, and since she likes it there, obviously, why go there?

Well today, What did daddy find when he got home? Our sweet innocent Jewel (as you can tell from the picture) had poopied on the bed!!!! We know it was her because Willow is not able to get herself up onto the bed. Why? Why did she do this? I guess she doesn't jump up there to sleep. We never see evidence she has been on the bed. Why today?

On the other hand, Willow has been whiny tonight. Not sure what she wants, but for some reason she has been whining. Out of the blue while sitting at our feet she started gnawing on the coffee table. She hasn't chewed on anything but her toys or mommy's underwear in a year. Maybe it's the rain and the fact that they don't get out as much these days. Just have to let her sleep in our arms...sigh

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Soon To Be Famous Shih Tzus!

I just received an email today that Jewel and Willow will be featured as the Cool Dog Site of the Day on The date is November 26th, 2006. I've noticed more and more sites linking to us, so Jewel and Willow may already be the most famous Shih Tzus on the internet ;) Ok maybe not, but still exciting.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Post-bath shoot

Sure, we'll holdy stilly for lamb treats

I'll even pull out my best pose...

I'm far too dignified for all that camera whoring

More lammie treats mommy? Puhleeze?

How's my hair look?

My 'stash is on the fritz mom...

Real cover girls

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back From London

It's been a week since we returned, but figured we should say something. The trip was a blast to say the least. Anyway, when we opened the front door, Jewel and Willow went crazy. They couldn't believe we were home. We spent the next 10 minutes on the couch being tongue bathed.

Since then Jewel has been much more affectionate. It seems like she wants to be held all the time. If you put her down, she even asks to back up. This from the girl that almost never wanted to be held. Willow, to our dismay, has taken a major step backwards in her potty behavior. She poopies inside almost daily and has even peed inside a couple of times. Jewel has no problem with the doggy door, not sure why Willow does.

This month marks 1 year since we brought our babies home. Hopefully we'll get some 1 year pics on here in the next few days, so be on the look out.