Jewel and Willow Video Collection

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Puppy Criminals

It finally happened. The park where we take the girls is not a dog park...officially. Today, for the first time since we have been going there, the animal control officers were out. $54 per dog fine. It seems that pet owners are not afforded the same constitutional rights as actual criminals when it comes to warrantless search. We can probably thank homeland security for that one. When asked to show pooper scooper tools, momma felt that the constitution rendered this an unreasonable request and that her "yes" response to whether or not she had scoop tools would be sufficient. The officer instructed the other officer to add this to the ticket, which would have been a greater amount. At this point momma showed the bags. It begs the question as to what she would have done, had the girls already done their business.

We have two weeks to get the fine mitigated. Of course we will do this as it will lower the amount. We are also going to look into getting an off leash permit. It is our guess that these are only granted under special circumstances, but what the heck. Our girls deserve a chance to run free for a few minutes, but the closest place to do so is nearly 30 minutes away.

Monday, January 15, 2007


The girls got micro-chipped today: you'd think someone tried to slowly pull all of Jewel's hair out; she SCREEEEEAMED when it was being placed (Fat needle, takes all of 4 seconds). Willow just let out a little whine.

Then... they were fine.

So now, if they run away and run into someone who doesn't really want a sweet little dog, we will hopefully get a call from the folks at If someone does find them and likes them and decides not to call, then I hope I'm dead, because I don't think I could live without them :)

They also got their distemper booster and rabies vaccines.

Jewel was a lean 12.1 pounds and Willow a whopping 14.0 pounds. Fat baby, you tell 'em!

Then they joined Mommy at the office today where they charmed the other doctor and office staff and tried *really hard* to get in on someone's counseling session.
I can hardly blame them, there's a smooshy couch in there.

The Golden Globes are tonight! Mommy LOVES the red-carpet fashion-fest!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow Day

The girls awoke to their second snow day this year. Daddy decided to take them for a morning walk since mommy was going to be rushed getting to the office. They loved the snow so much that these are the best photos he could get. When ever he would try to get them to look, they would just charge the camera. The Motorola L2 camera phone is too slow to be able to respond.

Mommy took the girls to the park later that day. Their old boyfriends Gil and Larry showed up too!

Press the play button to watch them play.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

The girls spent 9 nights with Uncle Smitty and Heather, but are very glad that mommy and daddy are home.

Willow was so excited that she vomitted. Not sure what that is about. She doesn't do it often, but it is the third time in a month. Apparently they did very well for their puppy sitters, with no accidents. For Christmas the girls received Chugars from the grand parents.