Jewel and Willow Video Collection

Saturday, September 16, 2006

1 Year Olds!

September, if you read the bi-line under the title, is the girls birthday month. Our babies are 1 years old! We had planned to do portraits of them bathed and gussied up, but that hasn't happened yet. This year's Blackberry crop was a month late, so we have spent a lot of time picking blackberries for use in cordial (vodka), pies, and berry bread -- Yummy. This has meant little time for the girls.

Anyway, we did celebrate a little by getting the girls vegetable cookies with a sauce, fresh from the Dog Bakery. Willow loves them. Jewel is a little finicky. Today we took the first walk of the fall at Greenlake. We have been taking a hiatus because it has been to hot to walk them there. Also, more fun to swim them at Magnuson park.

As far as new developments, the exiting news is that Willow has learned to roll over! Momma decided to teach here while at the park a couple weeks ago. The use of an inclined hill made it easier. The trick is get her to lie down, then make her stretch in the direction of the treat. By default she will roll over. The praise and the verbal command, and she eventually made the connection. She still doesn't do it on verbal, but now we can just wave the treat and she'll roll over. Jewel, not being the treat glutton that Willow is, has not made the same progress.

Willow also has a new boyfriend -- a Havanese and shi tzu puppy named buddy. He is about 5 months old and always looks like he is smiling thanks to his black and white face. Willow and Jewel have known buddy for a month or so, but just this week have started to engage him for wrestly and chase play. Previously he had chased them and they had looked right through him.