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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Terrible Toe Trouble

I know, I know... I'm horrid about getting new photos up everytime I post, but if either the camera or cord to the computer aren't within reach, I just can't be bothered.

Unless it's a really priceless one.

Today, I am pleased to announce, I took Jewel to the groomer who trimmed all her toenails inside of 5 minutes.
Of course, I had a death grip on her while the woman clipped her nails and she just SCREEEEEEAMED and hollered. She was panting and wiggling and throwing a fit...

And the Golden Globe for Best Female Dramatic Performance goes to....

"...Oh, I was just so in the moment, really feeling my character. I'd like to thank my agent, my little sister and the designer of that tennis ball chucker thing for helping me stay fit, my mommy for allowing my natural beauty to radiate and keeping me in functional hairdo's, and Innova Evo and the produce manager...."

You get the idea.

Last week for the last of Willow's distemper series, Jewel weighed 8.2 and Willow was 6.1 or so. Jewel's got another pound and half to go. I really have to rub my eyes when I look back at her younger pictures.

I guess that early adorable puppy-faceness is what keeps us from sending them back where they came for all the puddles and poop-eating....


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