Jewel and Willow Video Collection

Friday, August 25, 2006

Puppy Potty Report

As the girls close in on their first Birthday, we felt it time to give a potty report. Long time readers know that the early days of this blog were nearly entirely poop reports.

Well, Jewel has been nearly perfect since January. The one exception was the first very hot day of the summer this past June. Not only did she pee in the house, she pee'd on our bed. The same bed that she is not allowed on. She nailed two birds with one stone with that violation.

Willow has been another story. Her favorite place to pee and poopie is in the back bedroom. We are occasionally reminded the hard way to close that door. As recently as 3 weeks ago, she did both back there. She even compounded that by going pee and poop on the comforter that our guest had kicked partly onto the floor.

Other than that Willow has gotten better. With the exception of when we leave the back bedroom door open, she goes out to the wiz pad and pees. The problem is, she still goes number 2 inside, usually at the base of the fireplace, if both mommy and daddy have been gone all day. Daddy also has to often incorporate poopie patrol into his morning ritual.

We have learned that taking them outside, particularly before bed helps with the messes. We even know exactly where they will go if actually walk them. Problem is, this doesn't always occur. The frustrating thing is Willow knows where to go, because she goes outside when we are home in order to get a treat. Or, she sneaks off and later returns with poop breath. On the plus side, Jewel has been known to tattle on Willow, so we get some chance to discipline.

Perhaps Willow will get better in year 2.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Home Invasion!!!

This weekend is the Century Ballroom's Masters of Lindy Hop and Tap Weekend. The event features 91 year old Frankie Manning. Literally: one of the inventors of the crazy up-in-the-air moves that you probably associate with swing dancing or Lindy Hop. Also on the bill are author and Savoy era dancer Dawn Hampton, as well as Frankie's son Chazz Young, a top dancer, and relatively young Chestor Whitmore, from Los Angeles. On a side note- Ian and Becky met on the dance floor.

Anyway, staying with us this weekend is our dear friend from Olympia, Christine. Last night her husband came for the evening dance and brought their Golden Retriever Ramona whom we invited to stay over with her 'parents.'

So Becky got into the house a couple minutes before Ian around 2:30am, and the girls were all excited waiting for Daddy to come in the door. Well, he did, with our friends and the retriever in tow and the girls absolutely FLIPPED OUT.

And not in a good way.

They we totally in alarm mode: Jewel was screeching- fortunately, she still had her ball in her mouth, which serves as a marvelous mute- and Willow was beside herself.


It, of course, dawned on us that we should have taken them outside to meet Ramona first rather than doing the meet and greet on their home turf. Typically, they are really friendly with dogs in the park, on the street, etc, so it don't think it would have been a problem that way.

Willow was up barking WAY too much in the middle of the night and early this morning (don't know what time, but the sun was up) and I think poor Damon
realized (or just got fed up) that Willow was yelling at the presence of his dog and got up and left. Whether or not just he went home- which is an hour and a half away- we have not yet determined.

And now, some pictures...

Jewel's new hairstyle.

Willow the book holder.