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Friday, January 06, 2006

Freaky Friday

Geez guys, let me get some work done... I live for things other than my dog blog, as opposed to some of my faithful, yet impatient, readers.

The girls had a FAAAAAAAAABulous time at Momma Shawna's. We are convinced Something Happened while they were there because we got home and Willow, believe it! is practically housetrained. YAY!! On the other hand, we are following Jewel around with a mop, now. Grrrrrr.....
Also, Jewel has mellowed out a bit and Willow is more spunky.
I told Shawna she sent me back Frankendogs...

Other cool stuff: As a quick reminder for those who don't know, Shawna is the breeder who has both Jewel's and Willow's Moms, Cricket and Jasmine, and their dad Mushu.

Jewel often comes running up to me with a toy "Play fetch with me, Mom!!" She doesn't try to play tug o'war anymore, she either lets go of it easily or drops it. It's GREAT!!! It's so COOL to see these puppies coming along.

They stayed there for 10 days while mom and dad were in California over the holiday. I missed them so much!!! Auntie Kaya, Ian's bigger younger brother's wolf/samoyed, gave them each a "chew-gar" for Christmas. WHICH THEY LOVE! Flavored rawhide, yummmm...... They've gotten a ton of miles on those things. I've got a couple of tiny Winston Churchill's running around the house....

So these parent dogs showed the girls what furniture is for: when we got home, one of the first things Jewel did was jump into a chair. We about fell out of ours! We knew they'd do it eventually, but this is a milestone. She can make it on the couch too, but with a little more effort. Willow doesn't quiiiiite have enough bounce in her bungee to make it, so I put their stool near the chair so she can jump up.

Can't seem to locate the new pictures on the computer, so we'll post them tonight or tomorrow.



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