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Friday, November 07, 2008

President Elect Barrak Obama and The Choice of White House Dog

One of the first major choices for Barrack and Michelle Obama will be to pick out the family and White House dog.

A classy First Dog is of major importance, and the choice should not be made lightly. We think, and Jewel and Willow will agree, that a Shih Tzu would make an excellent choice. They are sweet, hypo-allergenic, and not likely to bite any reporters hands.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I recently found your blog via google as my husband and I just got our first shih tzu. He is 12 weeks old and we got him 2 weeks ago. He is just the cutest thing in the world! I have to say, reading your blog has really helped! I would have never known to be this patient with his training otherwise! He is doing really well, but still pees on the floor sometimes- and today he just figured out how to get out of the kitchen so when my husband went home to let him out for lunch, he was waiting for him by the door! Fun times! :) Anyway, your doggies are beautiful and I love your blog! Thanks for all the advice in what you write! Sincerely, Cathy from NJ

11:37 AM  
Blogger Millie and Me said...

I found your blog by googling also and I also have a little shih tzu and I look for stories from others. I think you puppies are adorable. I was wondering what you thought of the choice they finally came to for a dog, the Obama's that is. I like the dog they picked, but I agree that a shih tzu would have been a great and even better choice, just my unasked for opinion. Hope to hear more stories about your girls...

Chris and Millie

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Carrie Reis said...

Hey thanks so much for all the information about Shih Tzu! I have a 2 years old Shih Tzu at home... shih tzu is just so lovely! =)

10:52 PM  

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