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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Puppy Lattes

We went to the puppy health food store and got them more Innova Evo. The girl gave them a snack that Jewel TOTALLY went for (ok, so we're getting some of that).
Of course, it was VENISON JERKY.

Then we went to visit Daddy at work. Daddy's work is growing growing growing, so they're adding more desks for the new people coming in. Jewel sees it only as a shrinkage of her favorite playground, but there IS the trade-off of MORE PEOPLE, so she didn't complain much. As soon as we got out of the office, Jewel pooped on the sidewalk (good thing mom had a plastic bag on her).

I found a place to take the girls off-leash where I don't have to be looking over my shoulder for animal control, since we don't have an off-leash park nearby.
I run into dog owners more and more often who've gotten ticketed for being unleashed. Though today, we went to a local park and I asked where "the safe spot" was, so we went there and wore ourselves out.

So what's the 'puppy latte' about? They've started scratching at their ears and I can't figure out why. Their ears are totally clean.
I got some ear cleaning solution anyway with aloe, calendula, rosemary, myrrh and cinnamon oil. So the pups smell like my chai lattes now! I love it! Jewel doesn't like the cold drops, but it's seems to be helping somewhat. I figured I'd give it a week.

Of course, anything this cute gets a sporting chance...


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