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Friday, December 02, 2005

Sweepy puppies...

I call them 'my little poopies.'

The girls have been great this morning, with mom in charge. I actually got up with Ian and there's been only one accident. And Daddy hasn't growled a single time

"...The bunny puppy did it, in the ballroom, with the colon..."

I don't know what's up with Willow choosing far corners to do all her business. Which I need to pick up and take to the vet today.

(As I'm writing this, Willow is intently watching a car commercial)

Willow is the bunny puppy. She so sweet and fuzzy but she's a PILL!!! It's a good thing she's cute as a button. She jumps into my lap and triesandtriesandtries to chew my chin. She barks and baits Jewel. She'll do AAAAAAANYTHING to get a treat, so training has been smooth (except the housetraining).

She chews EVERYTHING. I pulled out the bitter apple on Tuesday. She lapped it up. She actually licked it up.

(Jewel just jumped off the couch, clearing the computer power cord, landing in the snuggler bed, overturning it and spilling them both out )

It's remarkable how they can sleep all night, play for an hour and a half and crash for another hour or two.

Their play is getting incremently less intense and more play-like, instead of fight-like.

They take turns sleeping on the puppy bed, and strangely, they even are sleeping on the hard floor. And they're never far from each other.


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