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Friday, November 25, 2005

Jewel Buys the Farm

Jewel may have thought Thanksgiving was fun, but that was just the beginning of her adventures in Coos Bay, OR. The day started off with Mommy and Daddy making a quick stop at the mall. As it turns out, Jewel's bark is enough to set off the car alarm, which was a source of confusion for an innocent family that knew they hadn't gone anywhere near the screaming car.

The mall was followed by a more entertaining trip to the farm that Becky used to live on. Jewel met horsies! including a wild mustang. We let Pete, Becky's old horse and Jewel sniff each other, but that was as close as our little girl was allowed. While Becky brushed Pete, Daddy took Jewel for a walk away from the animal corrals. Seemed to be a whole new ofactory world for Jewel.

Friday night, Corban and Amy came over for dinner again. Corban had a fun time setting up obstacles and challenges for Jewel to overcome in order to get her pedge pog.

Between that and the running around, we had never seen Jewel pant before. Lets just say she slept well that night, completely konking out before it was even bed time.


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