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Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend madness

Saturday we went to Auntie Chai's house.
Jewel was toted around by Cousin Tyanna

Her friend Taylor

She peed in Auntie Chai's (the laborador) bed

Pooped in Aunt Patty's yard

And sneaked a dozen Tully's cups onto Aunt Patty's Starbucks Christmas tree

Daddy got a kick out of that

Auntie Chai kept poking Jewel with her nose, trying to get Jewel to respect her authori-tuh. They got along ok, but we weren't 2 inches away from them at any time, Chai-chai gave Jewel the warning growl an awful lot.

We got the hardest parts of our Christmas decorations up! Daddy doesn't like Mom's fake tree, Mom sure wouldn't mind getting a 10' fir: we've got the ceiling clearance for it! Our little tree must have 8 ornaments on every branch.

We pulled half the branches out of the tree and made a big garland out of it-

Those ornaments in the garland are the size of cantaloupe.

We got Jewel's 'bangs' in bands, that lasts about, oh say 2.4 minutes into playing. I can't find them: I hope she didn't eat them.

She stayed in her crate for 7.5 hours last night without peeing. THEN she let Mom sleep in for another 2 1/2 hours. Nice Puppy... She even walked into it and laid down when it was time to go to bed.
Jewel's almost all the way quiet in the car now. She whines enough to remind herself (& us) that she still does not like it in there, but I think she'll make the 7 hour (minimum, more like 9 with holiday traffic) drive to Coos Bay on Wednesday.


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