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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Doo Doo Dragons

Willow sounds snarfy when she breathes, she’s got a runny nose: I thought it may be her smooshy face. She’s got a WHOLE LOT to say, and she always eats her poop.

She does REALLY well with ‘sit’ when I have a treat in hand.

Willow’s favorite place to irritate Jewel is from under the couch. They take turns sleeping in the snuggler bed, though sometimes they'll share it.

Look for the video of Willow licking Jewel's ear last night. It just broke my heart, it was so sweet.

We went to the vet today: Jewel got vaccine #2 and took it like a CHAMP! Did she even notice?

See the princesses with their Doctor!

Dr. Tenjinder Sodhi, Ayurvedic Vet, also does acupuncture, all the regular stuff and naturopathic vet medicine. He has a clinic in Bellevue and one in Lynnwood, right next to Mommy's brand-new first office!!

The vet didn’t have much to say about Willow, but her nose has been runny. He said it was the excess tearing draining from the lacrimal canal (duh, I knew this) and that I needed to trim her hair out of her eyes.

I’ve relented…

Look at my pretty puppies NOW!!!!!

"Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up..."

I’ve got my act together enough to get them both to fetch at the same time. They love it! I’m teaching them to STOP! and SIT! When things get too rowdy. I only started doing it this evening and it’s working pretty well.

Willow has NO IDEA where to do her business. I think the lack of potty pads is a factor. I haven’t been paying much attention to her elimination habits to get on a schedule. Jewel is doing awesome. She always asks to go outside. I’m not always there, so she goes on the paper by the door when I don’t come.

Daddy finally ordered the patio pet door (free shipping!), so that won’t be an issue for Jewel anymore! She’ll be 100-poo-cent housetrained !!!

I feel like I’m feeding teenage boys, they’re eating SO MUCH!

They were angels in the car today.

We went to the park and they wore themselves out.

Jewel was fascinated by a crow: I got some great video of it, to be posted.

Everybody got in the bathtub when we got home. Even in 2 inches of water they were NOT COOL with it. Well, Willow was cool until Jewel started making a racket.

Then I trimmed the poky hair in their eyes (Sorry you had to endure that gloopy face hair for nothing, Shawna!!!)

I was bonding with Willow on the floor in the hall and Jewel came bounding up saying GUESS WHAT I DID……???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with several rich kisses to my face, lips and eyes…

You got it.

I got spackeled by the poopy tongue.


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