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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Jewel Goes To The Beach

Jewel's adventures in Coos Bay continued today. The first order of business was the beach! Jewel loved it... driftwood to chew on, children to play with, and other doggies to meet and sniff. At one point, Jewel found a piece of wood that looked like a cigar in his mouth.

She looked at the water, but surprisingly wasn't that interested in it.

After the beach, Jewel spent some quality time with Grandma while Ian and Becky went horse back riding for a little while. However when they got back, it was off to pick up Grandma's Christmas Tree. Aftwerwards, we piled into the car with Corban and hit the local tradition, Holiday Lights at Shore Acres. This year is the 19th year, featuring over 250 thousand lights. And not just simple christmas lights, but dolphins and frogs that jump through the air and whales that blow their spouts. Technically Jewel wasn't allowed out of the car, but this usually doesn't stop us, as we just put Jewel in her $9 Nine West "pup pack."

Another tuckered out pup-squeak...or as Corban would say, "sqeak-pup."


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