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Monday, November 21, 2005

Hark! little bark! Flying through the park!

We took an impromptu (read: didn't have camera) trip to the off-leash park and Jewel was in DOGGY HEAVEN!
She got to runrunrunrunrunrunrun!!!!! Now I've seen her move fast when fetching, but nothing like this. Jewel's discovered TRACTION.
She got to play with a BIG feathered Irish Setter, a smattering of golden labs and retreivers and mostly-bestly-making-it-all-worth-while of all ....
An English.


Jewel just went ballistic: the Russell, Haley, was teaching her some proper manners and Jewel was getting it, though I think she needs more practice. Haley was very nice, but no-nonsense, rolling Jewel onto her back and holding her down until she chilled out.

I just can't wait to get video of Jewel running flat-out in the grass. She loves being outside more than anything. In. the. World.

Even more than green beans, asparagus, carrots, apples or squash.

Jewel was a durdy-durdy girl by the time we had to go home, so she got a full bath. (We've censored all images of wet shih tzu to respect the privacy of the aforementioned individual(s) and to avoid unnecessary humiliation and mockery commonly associated with Aquaticus caninus domesticus )

She tolerated the hairdryer for the first time. I think she was just too tired. She actually fell asleep while I was drying her.

Poop report: More of the same. Sometimes she asks to go out, and she goes out to the sod box. Sometimes she just lets fly on the floor. We praise and give treats when she goes in the box, and ignore everything else. I did catch her doing her poopy dance today and got her outside in time. We'll take lots of potty pads when we go to my Mom's for Thanksgiving, cuz Grammy's got nice carpet. (she did say it needs to be cleaned, though, but we're still trying to get her trained as much as possible)


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