Jewel and Willow Video Collection

Monday, November 28, 2005

Cutie... Party of two...

Willow's home! Willow's home!

We went to Shawna's today to pick up Willow. Of course we brought Jewel inside to play with all the doggies. She couldn't believe her luck when Mommy put Willow in the crate with her!

Willow whimpered most of the way to her new home, but no big cries or tantrums. Jewel was very attentive putting her face into Willow's: "I'm here, it's ok..."
Willow just laid down and was still for the most part. Awww, look that those 2....

Daddy met us at home for lunch, Willow waddled around checking out her new digs and taking the occassional moment to nip and shout "STOP IT!" at Jewel who ruuuuudely kept jumping on top of her and barking.

Her first pee pee made it in the sod box, but her poo was deposited in the corner under my plants. Well, she was being distracted...

Jewel was insistent on making it known to Willow that This. Is. My. Place. and YOU are for playing with.

Willow was like, Whatever beeyawtch: Get offa me.

Things calmed down a bit after Jewel was satisfied by getting Willow on her back and licking submissively. They still had a few shouting matches.

Willow wanted on Jewel's bed and play with the new jangley toy Dot's mom got for them.
Thank you Auntie JoAnne! Jewel LOVES it!!!

I knew they were tired, so I cleaned up their faces and slicked the hair out of their eyes.

Willow conked right out on the bathroom floor when I was done with her and Jewel fell asleep on her back in my lap: I was able to get a topknot on her. She's got a 'fro-hawk: her bangs stick straight up on one side and fro's on the other.

Jewel doesn't really want to share her bed. Fortunately, we have a little buckwheat hull hassock just about Willow's size. They have no problem sharing the couch.

Willow's got a little mushroom-head. She's so sweet and cuddly, but no shrinking violet!

I must say: Jewel is a MUCH different poochie with other pups around. She's a bit nuts, actually. Willow appears to be very well-socialized, so I hope she'll teach Jewel a thing or two. Jewel just seems to be downright ruuuuuude, but does really well with people.

Willow kissed Jewel during their nap on the couch.

I think they'll get along juuuuuuust fine, becoming partners in crime...

We shot a TON of video, look for it to go live in a couple days...


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