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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oonnn the road agiiiiiin.....

It took us 10 hours to get to Coos Bay, usually it takes just 7 1/2, but the freeway was clogged south of Olympia. We went east to Highway 101, the coastal highway, which is beautiful. the daytime. We got to Astoria at dusk.

Go Figure.

Jewel was a gem (*snicker-snicker*...) the WHOOOOOOOOLE 10 hours. Since Mommy sleep-deprived her all morning she slept or dozed for the first 4 hours, then she got to spend 2-3 hours in Mommy or Daddy's lap. Then she hibernated in her crate the rest of the way.

No Accidents!! Potty or otherwise!

Jewel LOVES Grandma's house!! There's carpet EVERYWHERE! Grandma went to Hawaii last week and brought her back a PINK, sparkly-Brandy-spanky-NEW COLLAR! And her very first-est topknot bow!

She tore all over the place when we arrived: we let her play on the bed for a little while because she was such a good girl the whole way down.


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