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Friday, November 18, 2005

To Wee or Not to Wee ...

... on the wee wee pad, that is.

So the last 2 days, Jewel has been peeing on the floor wherever she sees fit. Sometimes she asks to go outside in the sod box (Which she MUCH prefers to PLAY in... And eat the dead grass and dirt out of...), but it's only really been to poo.

Whenever she does pee, they're really big!!! She holds it forever.

It dawned on me that she may not realize she's supposed to PEE in the box: no problems pooping in there... She pees outside in the grass no problem.

Keep in mind all the wee wee pads have been put away for 4 or 5 days (I think), so I grabbed one and she followed me out to the sod box and I barely had the pad down in the box (just a corner of it) and she jumped on it and had a HUGE pee.

Well, I'll be danged...

Jewel helped me pull out all the Christmas stuff.
Every square inch of our dining table ...

and then some...

is covered in ornaments and figurines. Daddy promised to bring home egg nog tonight: I've got our Christmas music in the CD changer.
It's funny, because hardly any of it sounds familiar! We've got 'Yule be Swingin' which is all unfamiliar (to me)Christmas swing tunes, and a Female Madrigal chorus (sounds like a boys choir doing gregorian chant) Ian's mom gave me last year. I should put Manheim Steamroller in there....

Jewel's pooped after helping...



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