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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jewel's First Thanksgiving

Jewel played with Grandma on her first Thanksgiving morning. She's VERY thankful for Grammy's thick wall-to-wall carpeting: she can lay down and be comfortable wherever she pleases!

Despite being a guest in someone else's house, she was not on her best pottie behavior, but she reallyreally tried. Most of the accidents were pee pee's in the stone entrance way. She did leave a calling card in Auntie Mary Lou's when we we went over there to store some of our overflow leftovers. Jewel had a BUSY morning, so she took a long afternoon nap.

Jewel loves Thanksgiving! She gorged herself not only on green beans, but ate lots and lots of turkey. YUMMMMMMMM!

CrunchaCrunchaCruncha... a WHOLE gween bean!!!!!

Like the rest of us, she went into the post-Thanksgiving food-coma.

Jewel can't wait for next Thanksgiving!


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