Jewel and Willow Video Collection

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jewel tones and Willow bark...

...The season's premier holiday accessories!

Ok... BIG news everyone:

We got the doggy door and they BOTH know how to use it. It took less than 10 minutes and 10 grams of hamburger to figure it out. For Jewel. (video will post in a few days)

Willow had it figured out this morning in 3 tries with green beans.

Jewel *has had enough green beans. And gag me if I ever see another one*

Jewel has figured out that *Important Things* get put on The Coffee Table, and within her reach, no less...

(ok so, truth be told, I didn't have the camera out when Jewel did it, but I managed to get Willow to pose for the shot...)

We have a puppy mansion. We inherited it from Auntie Chai and love it, thanks.

We have a Big Idea that until the poopies are 100 poo-cent housetrained we'll smash the puppy mansion up against the pet door so they can go between there and the patio when we're away from home. They won't be able to run laps around the house (maybe Jewel will finally put a little finish on her bones...) but they'll have lots of room to wrestle and all the fresh air they want.

Today I trimmed Jewel's nails, which she *hates.* because I put her on her back. She hasn't been getting much practice with that since Willow came home. I trimmed the toe hair on both of them. You would have thought I was flogging them for all the whining and crying they made.

THEN we went and visited Daddy at work. Jewel was TEARING around the office because of all the traction. She's SO FAST!!! She's in great shape because they run around the house all day, peeling out everywhere: so they get A LOT more exercise than the ground they actually cover. It's like having them on a treadmill.

We've started a trend at church. We brought Jewel to church to visit with everyone, and within 2 weeks the associate pastor had gotten Rudy and brought him, and yet another guy said his family got one since meeting Jewel.
Rudy's a cutie, huh?


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