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Friday, November 18, 2005

Strange behavior...

I am pleased to announce Jewel has had no accidents while in my care (yet) today. Daddy's report is probably quite different, based on the early morning snarls that woke me up....

This morning we went to PetCo in search of tiny rubber bands to start Jewel's topknot after a trip to the post office where she WANTED OUT of the pup-pack.

The grooming spa gave me a little handful of them because the store doesn't have any to sell: that was nice, wasn't it? Again.... EVERYBODY loved the little fluffy puppy. There were a few daycare kids there on an outing with their caretakers and I heard a chorus of little voices asking "Can I pet your baby puppy, lady?"

When we got home, I let her play in the grass: she wanted to go across the street to the nice grass. She did her little poopy dance and did her business.

Then she kept darting around in her little squat trying to get more out. She tried to get her face into her butt and lick, bite, or whatever and drag her butt on the ground. I was thinking "Constipated? Well, she just had a nice long poo 2 seconds ago. Minifissures that burn, sting or itch? maybe. Pinworms? Well, it wouldn't look like this: it would always itch. So what is it??

I took her into the house to pull the poop off/out and give her a butt and foot bath. Accompanying (Is that a word?) the poop was a long strand of hair, say, about the length of one of mine.

ooooooooooohhhhhh, I see.

Note to self, pick up hair in bathroom daily.

I tried my hand at our first topknot.

Really, it's more of a lop-sided ponytail, but at least she can get used to having something in there. Hair's not long enough yet. She did, of course, try to rub it off a few minutes after putting it in.


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