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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not Little Adorable Me

Jewel has been nearly perfectly potty trained since January. Her only accident was back in June, the first hot day of the year. She peed on our bed, as you may recall. This is unusual in that she isn't allowed on the bed, and since she likes it there, obviously, why go there?

Well today, What did daddy find when he got home? Our sweet innocent Jewel (as you can tell from the picture) had poopied on the bed!!!! We know it was her because Willow is not able to get herself up onto the bed. Why? Why did she do this? I guess she doesn't jump up there to sleep. We never see evidence she has been on the bed. Why today?

On the other hand, Willow has been whiny tonight. Not sure what she wants, but for some reason she has been whining. Out of the blue while sitting at our feet she started gnawing on the coffee table. She hasn't chewed on anything but her toys or mommy's underwear in a year. Maybe it's the rain and the fact that they don't get out as much these days. Just have to let her sleep in our arms...sigh


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