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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ian's 34th Birthday Party

"Whoah... Look at all the people's that mommy and daddy brought to play with us," thought Jewel and Willow as Ian's work and Lindy Hop friends showed up, one after the other for Ian's Birthday party. The pups were the hit of the evening, rivaling the jellow shots, egg nog, and bourbon balls.

The term of the evening was "dogged up." If not sure what this means, think un-classy term for a pregnant woman. John, ShihtzuDogBlog's #1 fan, was definitely taken with the pups, earning the nick-name the "Dogfather."
To Rob's dismay, his fiance, Jen, was also smitten, volunteering to babysit. Though I don't think she means when the snow is good, being a skier herself.
All of the world class spouses/others loved the pups, except for maybe John's Wife, Nicki. She had the misfortune of stepping in a poopie, that for some reason landed on the patio instead of in the box. In that regard, we believe there to only have been two accidents. We expected more given the disorientation associated with the number of people.

Sarah, exclamed that she needed a lap dog.
The night was Hectic, prompting the girls to konk out like never before. Ian tried to get them to sleep in the bedroom, but the house was actually quite hot, so they kept returning to the front door, which was away from the crowd and the source of a cool draft.


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