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Saturday, December 24, 2005

No Pup-Squeak's For A Week

Last night we dropped the squeaker's off at Shawna's, where the pups will spend the Christmas/New Year's week. As soon as we got their, Jewel's mom, Cricket immediately exerted herself as master of the house. Willow, who is generally quiet around other dogs was fine with this, though at one point Cricket randomly bit at her just to make sure she was in compliance. Jewel, on the other hand was not so well behaved, jumping and barking at her as is her custom with any, usually much larger dog. Jasmine was more interested in us than her daughter or niece.

We spent nearly an hour with them, filling Shawna in on thier various play, sleep, and pottie behaviors. Ian is walking around with empty nest syndrome this morning, but we are sure that the girls are going to have a blast this week, if they haven't started already. Between Shawna, George, daughter Maddy, Jasmine, and Cricket, the girls are going to have constant play and attention. They even have a big yard to run in, weather permitting. With any luck, Willow will be completely house trained when we get back to Seattle!


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