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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Bellybutton sisters report #1:

This is the report, in her own words, from the breeder who is watching the girls while we visit family in California:

About 10 minutes after you left Cricket started playing so the rest of the night went fine. She is still a bit protective of them jumping up at me when we are on the couch so George has been snuggling them like crazy, to avoid any growling ahem....... sure......... right.

They seem to be following the schedule pretty well, except for them being up until 2 AM! I put them in bed, Willow settled in and Jewel did not think they was okay at all so sorry Mom they ended out for the night.........

Willow likes to chew the tree branches, and the skirt, and the bows, so tomorrow should be lots of fun! They bring toys under the tree to wrestle, so they are half covered in pine needles, they smell super holiday scented!

Only one pee accident on the tree skirt!! but they have been using the pads pretty well for both #1 & #2 at least to give us signs.

Jewel is exactly as I remembered her, smart and crazy. Willow is in love with her, jewel cant move more than a few feet away without shadow willow following her, and they have a new game with the spider.........Willow holds onto it, Jewel shakes it and takes her for a ride. Looks like lots of fun if you like whiplash.

I see so much of the mommas in them its amazing. And yes Cricket loves loves loves their food, so I will be checking into it myself since I have been toying with the idea of a switch when we are done with the 65 pound bag we have now.

Jazz is warming up, she spend last night on the couch watching, today she is starting to bark and play so it will only be a matter of time before we have a mad house of Tzu 500, pray for my dead Charlie brown tree that it survives all this, or at least survives another 2 days...

Here are some of our favorite pics Shawna sent us while away...


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