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Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Shah-la la-LA-la-LA-la LA-la Lala

Tee-dah ..... She's myyyyyyy.....
...Brown-eyed girl..."

Jewel helped Mom put up the Christmas tree today: Dad promised we could put up our Christmas decorations this weekend, so Mom's not wasting any time!!

Now, most people have a respectable Christmas decor collection that warms things up around the holidays. We, however, are not respectable about Christmas decorations... We're rabid.

Ian's nutcracker collection is pushing about 50 strong. I bought a new suitcase last Christmas hitting the after Christmas sales to get my ornaments home. We went with my mother-in-law in Monterey, California, who, by the way, has a Christmas collection so large and elaborate she has to rotate what gets displayed each year. I was thrilled to find a $10 ornament for $2-$3 and she's getting $200 whimsical snowland houses for $50 to develop a new wonderland scene and not batting an eye. I'm learning. Ooooh I'm learning from the best...

Last night Dad got up and tried to get Jewel to "go" in the box and after 10 minutes, he gave up and THEN she managed to outrun him in sleepy haze, first peeing at the far end of the house and then pooping just feet from the patio door. Daddy was not amused. In his words, Jewel put the Shiht in Shih tzu.

What, her....?


Mom had slightly better luck: the morning business made it in the box (she asked to go outside) but the subsequent 3 pees just got deposited wherever she happened to be at the moment. With our wood laminate flooring, this is no big deal: Sister Dot's mom has new carpet and Dot's trying to make it all her own, if-you-know-what-I-mean.


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