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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mother May I?

Hell Yah, Girl!

Jewel has started indicating to us, both last night and this morning, that she needs to "go" outside.

She also sleeps through the whole night closed in her crate next to our bed, and only had to pee once. Ironically though, when Ian got up to let her out, he took a 15 second detour which was enough time for Jewel to wee in the house. Oh well, "A" for effort.

This morning Jewel is crazy playful: she's been bounding on and off her snuggler bed while racing laps around the coffee table.

She just starting to dig at her bed like there's no tomorrow and figured out how ot get under her snuggler pad. I got it on video! (It'll take a couple days to go live) Her sister Dot figured this out a couple days ago: See Dot's blog.

Sister Dot's been having a blast with getting treats out of her Kong. We heard this was too advanced for puppies so we didn't get Jewel one.


Guess what the girls are getting for Christmas!!!!

Last night she totally shocked us by jumping into her bed (not in the crate) and peed on it. Grrr.



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