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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sister visit

We visited Willow for the second time and we were pleased to see Jewel and Willow playing almost exclusively.

Willow is a roly-poly, bunny-fuzz, smooshy-faced snuggle-bug.

We've been concerned that Jewel would be too much spunk for her. Who were we kidding?

Willow gave Jewel the 'what for' and has thus allayed our concerns. In fact, I believe Willow's got the chops to school Jewel. Jasmine,the black dog, is Willow's mom.

Look at that little *angel* face


Late Night Update
This is very exciting...Tonight as Ian was writing bills, he noticed Jewel sniffing around as if she were getting ready to go poopie. All of a sudden Jewel sat in front of him, quietly but intently. Ian realized she was communicating and walked out to the patio door and opened it. Jewel went straight through to the potty box and did her business. This is exciting because it shows that she is becoming potty trained!


Blogger starbender said...

I love these dogs!
They are adorable!!!

9:48 PM  

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