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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nov 12, 2005 Morning Report

Jewel made a giant leap in crate training from yesterday afternoon to this morning.

Sometime yesterday evening she was going into her crate of her own accord to lay down and nap or play quietly. Keep in mind, we've removed all other soft places to lay down in the house (hard floors), she doesn't get on the couch unless we invite her (after she's been good for a long time), so there's no other comfortable spots in the house.

She'll also go in there when I point inside the crate and say "go to bed" a few times.

She slept in the crate last night in our room and played there this morning, so we closed her inside for a while (and she napped). She complained a little, but is learning what "SHHH!" means.

She's learned that her Little Bear squeaks when she chews his belly.

Potty report:
During the day, we are now removing all potty pads from the house and not letting her out of our sight so she HAS to go outside everytime. Last night we put ONE potty pad by the door. My plan is to get her trained to move towards the door. She knows it's there because she used it before bed, but didn't use it during the night. She peed 5 feet away in a favorite potty spot (must clean/deodorize)

Better luck tomorrow night. We are just too lazy to get up with her in the middle of the night, though it would be better if we did. She can hold it for 3 or 4 hours no problem. The volumes are becoming noticably bigger and she needs to go less frequently.

We are going to get a piece of sod and a tray today for the patio so we can get her off the pads. Tough break: we got an economy box of 100 of them. Well, we may need them for Willow. But we'll have a better idea of how to train her.

Her face hair is growing really fast. Since the vet told me about the corneal irritation, I've been slicking the hair out of her eyes with vaseline every
2 or 3 hours and recomb it (Since I REFUSE to cut it, well I did cut a FEW tiny locks, now I wish I hadn't). I think it's working, because she doesn't have as
many eye goobers.

We can see her eyes all the time now! She looks so different! I think in a couple days it'll be long enough to stick some tiny rubber bands in to hold it out of her eyes.

We're going to Green Lake for a walk now!! She'll be in the pup-pack since she hasn't had her 2nd shots yet. There's LOTS of dogs there. This will help her get used to all of them.


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