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Friday, November 04, 2005

Day Three -- More Fun With Our New Baby

What a difference a day makes! Jewel slept SO well last night (and subsequently, we did too). She woke up 2-3 times and only whined once. She Becky sleep in this morning, too. She pooped on the pad during the night and she took her trophy out to the living room. Question: How should I teach her to not eat or pick up the poop?

Last evening, we took a chance and left her at home for 2 hours, after wearing her out. She loves chasing her Pedge Pog dragged on the leash. She's already learned to
use the slickerly floor to do a sliding turn when the pedge pog runs the other way. At one point before we left, she was frantically looking for something, darting here and there with a different whine. I grabbed the wee pad, she wasn't in the right
part of the house and she was desperate. It was a close call. She doesn't seem to have any problem finding the pad to poo at night, however.

So we left her in bed, chewing on a bone and snuck out. When we returned she was exploring the living room and OH my GOODness! she was all wiggles and wags and kisses! We were just to most loved people in the WORLD at that moment. We can only assume she cried, but we hoped we wore her out enough that she'd soon drop
off to sleep.

This morning she's taken to grabbing my lambskin rug and pawing/digging at it like nobody's business. I have a short video clip of it. I'm not so sure I like
this new activity.

She jumped of the couch when I stepped 2 feet away: she hit a little hard. Her bed's there now as a landing pad. We are starting to work on holding eye contact and using commands during spontaneous activity (like 'come' whenever she's running to me).

Jewel dreams with her eyes open!

Today's agenda includes a car trip and some crate training.

Afternoon Update
Jewel was bounding through the grass like a gazelle this afternoon. And pottied (2 for 3, or 3 for 3?).

We were playing near the door when Daddy came home for lunch: Jewel heard him coming up the stairs and went wagging to meet him at the door. Oh, how she LOVED having another person to play with!

We spent a few minutes going in and out of the crate: it wasn't so bad, as long as the door was open.

The trip to the post office was with a lot less whining, she does really well in her pup-pack. Of course, any place but behind that crate door she does really well.

Ian accidently took my cell phone to work, so we went to pick it up for more car ride practice. Again, there was a bit of a tantrum, but mostly just smaller whines.

She LOVES the office: lots and lots of OPEN carpet and PEOPLE. She peed on the pad in the car, but the moment I pulled out a pad at the office, she hopped on
and went again. I think her crate anxiety makes her heart pump more, thus more pee.

On our way home, she konked right out after about 6 blocks. She hasn't had a nap since this morning, so I don't blame her. We detoured to Trader Joe's, since
she was quiet (CHEATING, actually: she's SUPPOSED to be AWAKE and quiet). She threw another fit on the way home, but it was smaller, and was quiet when we pulled in.

In 3 days, she's had 7 legs of car rides, and does better on each of them. Though today, we practiced a little and took the big car so we could turn the crate
to face me.

Now she's dog gone comatose on her bed on the couch. It's been a BIG day.


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