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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day Two -- First Night Report

We all went to bed at 11pm. Jewel barked for the first time (not including the panic in the car, and this was at her reflection) when she got into her bed which was placed by the mirror. Oh NOW you want to play after dozing in front of the tv for 3 hours.

She slept soundly from 12-3:30am, then was up about every 30 minutes crying and wandering from her bed in our bedroom into the hall. There were 2 or 3 puddles made out in the hall during those times (even though there was a pad by her bed, but daddy cleaned those right up), but the poop actually made it on the pad.

Daddy was very attentive last night, even sang her a song to go to sleep(which worked), and brought her bed right up to ours so he could pet her when she'd wake up and cry (the great migration into our bed begins). When I caught her weeing in the crate, which required a crate pad removal and she came trotting out of it with another solid stick of turd in her mouth, this likely occured sometime yesterday evening.

This morning, she's wandering and crying. Doesn't really want to play, doesn't really want to be held for long. There's some fear, but it's starting to sound just frustrated or pissed.

Today she is running to her bed when the hands are coming to pick her up. Currently, she's lying next to my lap with her little melon draped over my left arm (while I type with my right) and has calmed down.

We hope it isn't too much to dream that tomorrow night will be better, and couldn't help wondering if we shouldn't be getting another one.

Afternoon Update
After mopping up the hall with vinegar (which is FUN by the way, something to growl at and bounce on) Jewel was drained so she konked out long enough for me to clean the kitchen (!)

Then we had our outdoor-yes-in-the-rain potty excursion success!)and then Jewel got a bath: a full body bath, except for face and top of the head. Shiver me timbers! We made sure she was bone dry, she let me use the hair dryer.

Then we went to see Daddy for a change of scenery and to practice riding in the car. There was only 30 seconds of screeching, but the tantrum wasn't as bad as yesterday.

She likes sacking it in mom's mini backpack while walking downtown.

Jewel was a real ham at the office, 7 other people (!) and she LOVED galloping on the carpet. When she got worn out we left.

She did even better on the ride back: no screeching and about half the whining and half the volume. And the pee made it on the wee wee pad. I'm hopeful for our 9 hour (plus her potty breaks) drive (holiday traffic) to Coos Bay for Thanksgiving (20 more days of practice).

After a sip of water, she wanted on the couch where she's stretched out napping. What a day so far. Daddy wants to know if we can go out for 2 hours tonight. We're debating letting her roam while we're gone, since she's got the potty pad down pretty well. Maybe we'll play REALLY hard before we leave. She poops out easily. Speaking of poops, I haven't seen any today since she trotted out of the crate with one.

That's everything (literally) for now.


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