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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Day Five -- Jewel's Big Day Out

We found out today that Willow, Jewel's half sister is available. Jewel went berserk when we told her, though she probably had no idea what we were excited about.

Getting paper training back on board is our focus now. We'll just put pads down everywhere.

Jewel had a BIG day today. She went to Petsmart for a new wire crate, which is a little better. She got scared by a Corgi whom she met when she first got there, but later we were walking around and it barked which caught her off guard and she screamed. A doggy treat helped her get over it.

Then to Home Depot for wire chicken mesh so she can go onto the balcony, then Costco, and to Becky's sister's to meet her new cousin Chai (big black lab), oh yah, and
her sister's family, too.

Auntie Chai was REALLY nice and gentle, but she was SO big Jewel could barely move. She backed up under mom's legs and firmly planted her butt to the stairs and
tried not to make any sudden moves. She did bob her head and lick a little at Chai after a while. If she hadn't been SO tuckered out, she probably would have
been a little more social.

The WHOLE way home Jewel didn't let out a peep, she was out like a light.

She's got a lot of sleep to catch up on after today. Oh BTW, she slept through the night (well, until 6, as far as we know). She apparently has very vivid dreams
with all her face and paw twitches and eye movements.

Yesterday, she was coming and sitting for tiny treats of organic apple, pea and carrot. YUM! Other good things happening is she always pees on her outside
trips and is learning to walk (even POUNCE) into her crate on command.

Her poops tend to make their appearances around 6am and 6pm so we're going to try (and wake up with her) to take her outside to do that. She had 3 this morning
over the course of 6 hours, likely from the extra apple and veggie treats last night.

Her favorite games are Top Dawg (we get down and paw at her shoulders and get our face down on top of hers and she licks, wiggles and slaps her paws around) and
Chase&Catch (drag a toy as fast as possbile attached to the leash while she chases, catches and shakes it ferociously).

Our world has been turned upside down by this tiny creature. We're just taken with her.


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