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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Day Four -- Saturday Dog Blog

We got a winner shot last night, before going to bed. Too funny....

(click picture to play video)

We thought she slept through the night, however she woke one time, but once the sun was up she wanted us UP ALREADY! I think it's because she totally missed her midday nap and slept most of the evening.

Her night poop ended up in the crate again.

This morning she's CRAZY playful. We clipped her front paws and had a close quick call, but she jumped, so I'm just leaving that one for a day. We'll do rear
feet in a few minutes.

I've contacted the holistic vet for shots and well-puppy exam. We swear she's noticably bigger, or fluffier, already. And she's getting rowdier every day. Ian took Jewel for her morning trip outside. She climbed, no LUNDGED, all the stairs (about 25) from our condo to the ground.

We had a serious talk last night about getting another one, it'd be best for her when we're both working. Ian's looking for any restrictions in the HOA declaration on having two little ones totalling the weight limit. Is Willow truly spoken for?


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