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Monday, November 07, 2005

Day Six -- Puppy Boot Camp

Today we begin puppy boot camp, with love.

I found these incredible free puppy training videos on the IAMS website (smart puppy center)- there is about 10, 30-60sec vignettes on basic puppy training. That's the best 15 minutes I've spent getting ready for this little girl. We've been playing games that involve letting her mouth on us and we didn't know that's a bad habit, so we're breaking it starting about 3 hours ago.

I've identified what getting-ready-to-potty looks like, so when I saw it after midmorning nap and chowing down, we got outside really fast and after playing for 5 or 10 minutes, Jewel POOPED! Her first outside poop (mom didn't bring a baggy, but she knows to take one out everytime, now).

We worked on sitting, she's getting VERY good at that, and worked on getting in the crate. She's... not so good at that. Even with a little PILE of mini carrot
cubes, it's all she can do to get a toe in and strrreeeeetch to grab-the-carrot-and- run-to-the-doormat to eat it. We're also working on polite greeting decorum, which Daddy may not like, because he wants to be washed in a wave of Shih Tzu lovin' when he walks through the door.

So mom's playing hardball on crate training: food and water dishes, blanket and all the toys are all the way in back of the crate. BOY, did she have something to say about THAT!

"NOT COOL!" with a stream of vicious barks and growls.

I'm trusting (with all my might) that Willow will pick up on Jewel's well-trained examples of how to behave so it's less work, so I've renewed my vigilence, or is it vigilance. It's really put me at ease to know she'll never be alone. Better yet, a
sibling! Someone she already knows! I actually had started looking for others, but the only appropriate home-grown pups were far away, so this was a HUGE relief.

At 11:40, she's down for a second morning nap.

Jewel will get her first vet appointment for vaccines and well-puppy exam this Friday. The only holistic vet I found (after a grueling 30 seconds of web searching, and I KNOW there's many of them around...) is Dr. Sodhi, he's in Bellevue and Lynnwood. He's from India and knows Ayurvedic medicine, chinese medicine and acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, nutritional medicine and botanical medicine.

Mom's SO excited to be able take her little girls to the naturopathic vet! I made an appointment for Willow for November 30, the Wednesday after Thanksgiving: but if she's not ready to come to her new home yet, we'll just reschedule.

Jewel's back on the wee pads everytime, now.

Daddy got the balcony all fenced in safely yesterday, so we're going to get a potty spot going out there.


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