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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nov 9, 2005 -- Jewel Reunites With Her Litter

Jewel was awesome last night! she pooped on the paper and slept in her bed out in the living room (we keep a blanket next the bed if she reeeally wants to sleep in there). She pooped twice outside on the patio this morning. The second time I interrupted her when she about to go on the pad in the kitchen: she had assumed the position and I called her over and she looked like at me like "but I GOTTA POOOO!" She came anyway and when out on the patio.

She was such a firecracker this morning! She's plays harder everyday and entertains herself more and more. She fiqured out that I'm on *the other side* of the bed and she came over shortly after Ian left and was talking to me to get me to emerge, which I did. Then she barked and assumed the the play position. Well, at least I'll be getting up at a reasonable hour from now on.

She discovered a fort last night: our couch is up on legs and has a skirt and she figured out she can snoop around down there. We'll see what kind of 'surprises'
she buries.

She's NOT happy about having to be invited to come on the couch, she cries when she doesn't picked up when she wants. She tried jumping, still too small. I hope I get her trained to it before she's big enough to get up on her own.

By FAR, the GREATEST achievement thus far was this morning: I lured her into the crate with treats, shut the door and after a minute of coaxing and tossing in
treats (and her trying to get out) she realized "This is just a big treat FUN HOUSE!" She was searching for *treasure* for 15-20 minutes. I was ecstatic! I also noticed that she knows when there's a treat in there by scent alone. I can put them under the edge of the blanket or crate pad and she'll sniff around and dig them up. Or I can sneak one in behind her and she'll sniff it out.

In the afternoon we took jewel to visit her siblings and mom. We also wanted to spend time getting to know Willow.

As soon as she got there, the place was crazy. nearly 10 puppies, two adults Shih Tzu, as well as an adult rescue poodle. The pups were tearing around the yard. Jewel is the biggest. At first they were all over he because of her harness, so we took that off. Afterwards there was puppy play. You know, the usual games of deteriming rank. A fun time was had by all.

We spent some time with Willow, who we bring home after Thanksgiving. She is a much different puppy.


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