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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Ok so, as you all well know, Willow eats her poop.

When I catch her doing it I make her drop it by prying her jaw open (without touching the poop), much to her chagrin. I do it in a way that if she tried to bite me while I was doing it, she'd have to bite her own cheeks first.

Today when this happened, she GROWLED at me!

My little sweetie brownie wooly bug who's nuthin' but loves...

GROWLED at me.


Her mommy.

I was so shocked I nearly forgot to remind her who's boss. 2 hours later, it happened AGAIN.

Oh ho ho ho... was that ever a dumb teenage thing to do...

She was so ashamed of herself, she's been trying to make it up to me all afternoon.

Willow has the most HYSTERICAL whines. It's more of a cute long groan. She was doing it for about 30 seconds a little while ago when she wanted up on the couch (because she wanted to lick my hands apologetically...) I'll get it on video one of these days.


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