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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Potty!!

Ian found a link on our blog to an indoor/outdoor dog potty. I think it's brilliant!! It's a tray that you line with newspapers or wee pads THEN (the brilliant part) a plastic grate (0.5-0.75 inches high)is placed on top which allows the pee to drain through and keeps little feet off the wet pad.

I think both girls used it yesterday evening, but Ian was upset that they didn't use it during the night/early morning. Well GEEEEZZZZZ!!!! DAD!! give them a day or three to get used to it!!
Jewel just used it (!) and I think she was ok with it. Still waiting on Willow.

These girls get prettier everyday! Their hair is growing longer and longer. I think they're done growing for the most part. I think we'll be challenged to keep Willow's weight in a healthy range. She loves to eat! She can run almost as fast as Jewel, when she feels like it. But her metabolism is nothing like Jewel's. It MAY be unfair to compare her to Jewel, who is very lean and 3 times as active as Willow.

Also, Willow has a much thicker coat, so it's difficult to feel how much fat she packing (or "finish" as we called it on the farm) under her skin. When we run blood work on them before we have them spayed we'll take a look at their thyroid function. It wouldn't surprise me if Jewel was a little hyperthyroid: she's just always movingmovingmoving. And OBSESSED with her ball. I'm surprised that she doesn't sleep with it in her mouth. She runs around with it ALL. DAY. LONG. She thinks she's a labrador.

I brush them both everyday, and put in topknots about 12 times a day. Jewel loves her brushes! We go to the cemetery a couple times a week to run-like-heck and several good walks per week. So they get a lot of exercise besides the laps they run at home chasing each other.

I trimmed their pokey eye and pooper hair today. They look more grown up each time I trim around their eyes. They don't have many eye goobers, but often when I check Willow's eyes, one of her eyelashes is turned in and irritating an eye.

It just makes me sick to know that the corneal irritation is what will make her go blind eventually, even though I trim the hair off the bridge of their noses. I will be talking to our vet about what other measures we can take to prevent eye problems.

The vet and I thought Willow might have a slight entropian (Lower eyelid curls in and lashes rub the eye) but that does seem to be the case anymore. However, a stray upper lash or 2 is often curling down and poke her eyes. I've wondered if there's any corrective surgery that could be down NOW that would be better than corneal laser treatment to smooth ulceration away later in life and would either be sufficient to maintain or restore sight?

Or I could just curl her eyelashes everyday. Maybe apply a little mascara...

Ok, just one more of Jewel-


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