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Friday, June 02, 2006

2 Little Monkeys jumping on the Bed

While we were at my Mom's, we slept on a mattress on the floor, since we had moved the bedframe and boxspring to the new place already.

Seeing as how we were at Gramma's- where rules are bent to the spoilage of the grand"kids"- and we were only 8 inches off the floor- we let the girls up on the mattress with us.

When we got home, Jewel felt this a tradition that ought to be adopted in our household. She's taken to jumping onto our bed- which is an impressive jump- when we're in it. As their other Grandma would say "I'm impressed with your optimism!"

Since none of our doors close- a story unto itself- the dogs can get into any room they wish, at any time. So we don't know if this deviation is occuring when we are away, but haven't found suitable evidence to place charges.

Jewel is a force to be reckoned with.

I noticed yesterday that Jewel's seems skinnier. I think it's time for them to be screened for worms again. Jewel's not a poop eater, but we have been to the dog parks a few times, so that would have been a prime exposure opportunity. We've reopened the spaying topic, which also reopens the rabies and bordatella inoculation discussion so our next vet visit will address all of those things at once.


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