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Monday, May 29, 2006

Olympic Swimmers

The one day we really needed the camera and we didn't have it.

This weekend we went down to Coos Bay to help Becky's mom move into her new condo.

On Sunday afternoon, Becky got some accounting help while Ian took the girls to the beach with Duke, a German Shorthair, who belongs to Auntie Shari. Ian was concerned about how Duke would handle the girls, but he pretty much ignored them. They, on the other hand, followed Duke from the car straight INto the water.

The beach is on the bay side of North Spit, so the water was like glass. The girls went shoulder high into the water. Granted that is only 3-4 inches high, but everything is relative.
Duke chased big sticks that were thrown 20-30 feet out. The girls wouldn't go that far, so Ian found little sticks. The big surprise wasn't that the girls played fetch in the water, but that Willow actually went out further than Jewel. She was the braver and more adventuresome of the two. This went on for nearly an hour. I was absolutely amazed, and just wishing I had my camera.

After the beach, Auntie Shari and Uncle Jim offered their basin sink to wash the girls off, which was greatly appreciated. They came home smelling like raspberry shampoo. Mom didn't send the doggy shampoo with them and hopes they don't get itchy skin.

The girls loved being at Grandmas because of all the carpet and people. Jewel was accident free, but Willow, true to form, occasionally found a corner to do her business. Monday is the day we head home. They were champs in the crate for the 9.5 hour drive down. We'll see how they do on the way back.


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