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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Sounds cute, right?

Well, Willow thinks it is. But she never saw the part when the frog gets squished by a log.

So recently, we took the girls for a walk in our neighborhood. For some strange reason , there was a load of cooked fish- likely tuna- that was dumped straight across the street from our building.
The girls took great interest in this when we walked by it.
Apparently- it had never left their minds - because when Ian took them out the next time they CHARGED ACROSS THE STREET to get some of it.

Today- I took them to an unofficial off-leash area and ofter 20 minutes, Willow decided to take off and see what was on the outside of the fence, to talk to the guys and tractors digging the holes in the road. Fortunately, one of the guys holding the stop/slow sign was enough distraction for me to catch up with them. Willow had to sit in the car while I finished playing with Jewel.

The only "cute" thing that happened today was their feet and faces turned green, since the park lawn has just been mowed, and they loved eating the clumps of cut grass.

Of course, all this after I had totally brushed them out.

Willow's has a rare accident in the house anymore. Maybe 4-5 in a given week, at the most. Friday, we're going to Grandma's. 7-9 hour drive: no telling with the holiday traffic.
(My) Mom just bought a condo in the building she's been living for the last couple years: she made friends with every single resident/owner and told them when they were ready to sell, she wanted the first right of refusal. It worked, and she got a screaming deal. She overhauled the floors, kitchen and bathroom, so we're helping her move the heavy stuff in over the weekend.


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