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Friday, April 28, 2006

Pagent Queens

Ok, So maybe not yet. Or ever. Except when they're at home.

So, I haven't been fabulous about their grooming the last couple of weeks (was sick last week, and preoccupied this week), and I discovered an enormous loose mat on Jewel yesterday so I vowed to give them both a thorough brushing today.

It took me an hour.

They're reallyreally blowing their coats now, like regular shedding machines. The day after we vaccum there's already dust bunnies floating down the hall from their hair.

Here they are! Look at those beautiful coats!! The camera flash kinda mars the effect, but I had to rub my eyes at how fabulous they looked.

Today, the girls get pawdicures and we are switching from harnesses to collars. Willow has chewed through 2 of them.

Daddy went to San Francisco for Wednesday night and all of Thursday- the girls were all confused that I was home, but he wasn't- they kept looking at the door.
We survived.

Mom spoke to about 100 people on Wednesday about stress and had a great time. She could get used to that!!

Here are some sweepy pup pics...


Blogger Star of All Shih Tzu said...

Hi there? can we be friends? my name is Star, also a shih tzu. Moma and I enjoyed your blog.

flying kisses to both of you!

7:33 PM  

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