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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Play Time and Doggy Life Jackets

Willow loves to swim. Jewel not so much, but she will chase the ball. We've always been a bit nervous that the bigger dogs, or waves, at Magnusun Park might inadvertantly dunk one of them. Or fatigue might come into play. It just so happened that one day when we were taking them swimming, there was dog fair going on near the entrance to the dog park. We ended up buying the girls life jackets. I don't know if Willow really liked it or could tell the difference in floating ease, but the jacket held her butt high enough that you could see her tail wagging. Here she is happy as a clam.

She loves to swim but will only swim out to daddy or mommy.

Uh-oh, Willow doesn't like to be approached by big dogs on land, let alone water...


Anonymous Vanessa & Angel said...

I haven't thought about taking Angel somewhere to swim. But if we get a pool, I will try that first to see how she reacts. I am happy that Willow is doing better!!

7:24 AM  
Blogger C.J. Denis said...

I HATE the water. My brother loves it. Great shots of your dogs.

Bruiser and Rocki

9:44 PM  

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