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Friday, April 20, 2007

Poor little Willow.

A few nights back, daddy awoke to Willow panting. At first he thought she was scratching as she has had a very itchy bum for the last week or so. We actually had an appointment scheduled at the vet for the next day. After ignoring verbal commands, Daddy got up to move her and discovered she had a messy butt. This meant that somewhere in the house, or outside on the puppy pad was a mess that needed to be cleaned up. As it turns out there 6 messes, at least four of which were actually vomit. Daddy and Mommy started cleaning up, during which time Willow vomitted again. It took 20 minutes for Willow to stop panting and calm and go back to sleep.

That day, at the vet's. Nothing conclusive was determined, but she was given a perscription for worms, just in case that was the reason for the itchy butt. Fast forward to Wednesday night and mommy and daddy have just enjoyed a lamb dinner. We decided to share the bones with the girls. We didn't know that the girls could chew up the bone. All of a sudden, we though Willow had swallowed and was checking on her bone. Mommy stuck her finger down her throat, then started in on heimlich maneuver. This made willow struggle and whimper, which we mistook as her choking on the bone. With no luck, mommy called the animal er. Willow was panting but briething. The ER explained what to look out for and that peferoration wasn't likely. Willow of course, in that sad look similar to her post-surgery face, panted away while she calmed down.

Yesterday, the vomiting returned, like six times. Daddy was at happy hour when mommy called to tell him that she was takingn Willow to the ER. $350 later, Willow has no obstruction, but a gastro-infection. This means minimal water for our water guzzler and no dog food for her lunch mouth. Today will be a bland chicken and yam day of food for her.


Anonymous Vanessa said...

I am so sorry to ready that Willow is not feeling good these days. Angel does the same thing from time to time with the vomitting. I thought it was something out in the yard because she would usually get sick after being outside for a long period of time but there have been some days that she has not been outside and she would get sick. Then I started looking at different health problems shih tzus have. So I am still learning about them (shih tzu) healthwise.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Sweets-littlebigman said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Willow! Hope everything gets better and Willow gets back to normal. That must have been extremely scary. When little dogs get ill, it can be terrifying! Good luck, and hope you get better soon, Willow!

Sweets ^..^

7:41 PM  

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